Botdoc Postman Collection

Postman is a Collaborative Platform for testing API’s and can be downloaded from their website:

We built a Postman Collection to facilitate the Learning Curve with Botdoc API, and understand the flow of how to use our API in a real scenario. To start testing you will need to download our Botdoc’s Postman collection here: Last Updated: April, 14 2020

You will download the Postman Collection save and open with Postman.

Getting Started

Step 1: Make sure you are in the correct Workspace that will show the Botdoc API Collection;

Step 2: In this step, you can see our collection, this collection has all endpoints that you need to create a Request, P2, Pull, Push…;

Step 3: We use Environment Variables to facilitate the use of the API and changing between environments, you will need to add some primary configurations;

Setting Up Environments

Step 1: Click on Add button;

Adding Variables to the Environment

Step 1: Type a name for your environment;

Step 2: Type 3 primary variables, email (Botdoc account’s email), api_key (Botdoc account’s API Key), api_domain (URL of the endpoints, current:

Step 3: Click on Add/Update;


Step 1: Before everything, let’s get the token, so click on “Get Token”:

Step 1: Click Send;

Step 2: If your email and API key was correct, you see the token;

Play with the Endpoints

After getting your token, you can run all endpoints in our collection that you want:

If you find errors on the collection, have questions or feedback please contact us at or Join us on Slack:

We also have online documentation here:

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