Banks and Credit Unions

Learn how banking professionals around the world use BotDoc to collect and send documents to/from clients with ease and security without passwords or logins and gain back time for business growth.

“Consumers hate secure email, faxing, or logging into secure portals so you need BotDoc. It’s the easiest consumer experience with end-to-end encryption.”
– Integrity Bank and Trust

Key Results:
• Offer clients a guarantee of security (domestic and international)
• Better accommodate clients by removing challenges for document collection
• Provide peace of mind with secure end-to-end encryption
• Real-time delivery of information between parties

Integrity Bank and Trust where a bank is much more than a place to put your money. It’s a place where you can put your trust. At Integrity Bank & Trust, they not only protect your investments and grow your money, they also grow relationships.

Even though banking reps pride themselves on customer satisfaction, customers are still challenged and confused with having to login to FTP portals to receive messages or documents from the bank.
To protect content from being read by other entities than the intended party, all communication must be encrypted. Clients quickly became confused and frustrated because they would receive an email with a link to another application, this link then asks the client to create a password or a pin on the secure server which the organizer either owns or outsources to an appropriate vendor; once a password is created the secure message is displayed, however, the next challenging step was if the client needed to get back into that message, they better have remembered the password/pin they created.
BotDoc, the EASY solution! When they say easy, they really mean easy, its secure and its encrypted, through your mobile device or computer! No passwords needed, no logging into another complicated application, no extra costs, no Pin #’s needed, no software or app needed!
SEND – bank requestor enters customers mobile or email and a message, then hits SEND
CLICK – customer clicks on the email or text link, selects a file or takes a photo and hits SEND
BOOM – bank requester gets file