Credit Counselors

Learn how credit counselors use BotDoc to collect and send documents to/from clients and partners through mobile texting.

“Very easy tool to use in-house but much easier for our customers”
– Polaris
Key Results:
• Cost-effective secure transfer of data
• Eliminate security risks
• Improved consumer experience through secure document collection

Polaris Counselors, Inc, a nonprofit public benefit corporation (“Polaris”) has refined a compliant counseling outreach program to assist troubled borrowers to achieve meaningful success in resolving delinquent loans with their mortgage investors and servicers.
In so doing, mortgage investors and servicers benefit from renewed and cooperative engagement with borrowers, many of whom have been hard to reach.


Unlike loan servicers, our ability to communicate plainly with delinquent borrowers and their lenders cuts through the red tape of loss mitigation providing quicker, more efficient, and substantially more successful loss mitigation solutions for everyone.  Unlike servicers, Polaris approaches the delinquent borrower as a friend and counselor and not as a debt collector.  This gives us the ability to establish trust in the process and trust between the borrower and lender.


The easiest consumer experience with end-to-end encryption is using BotDoc Technology.  More consumers are engaging because the collection process is easy and painless and consumers can use their mobile devices.


Can’t get much easier than this… send documents to clients through BotDoc via text or email with end-to-end encryption and have them send back documents via text or email with end-to-end encryption.  All being accomplished without the consumer needing an account, login, passwords or special software apps.