Mortgage Companies

Learn how mortgage companies around the world use BotDoc to redefine document collection and to improve the customer experience.

“We want to give our clients a way to communicate and interact with ease without the pain of logging into another application or portal to collect or receive secure documents.”
– First Bank/Tommy Tynes

“BotDoc, First every EASY remote real-time digital document transmission!”

“BotDoc, the ability to digitally engage in a world full of Millennials!”

Key Results:
• Easy exchange of sensitive documents
• Eliminate obstacles for clients so they don’t have to fax, scan or overnight documents.
• Creative approach to communicate and transfer data securely
• Remote collection of documents easily in the field with end-to-end encryption
• Cater to the digital needs of Millennials

First Bank is proud to be a locally-owned community bank. As the national and international economies have continued to struggle, First Bank has remained strong and successful by focusing on individual customers and local communities.


In the constant changing atmosphere within the banking system, new tools and applications are always looked upon for continued growth. BotDoc technology now allows banking reps and customers an easy way to collect and send documents securely.

Banking clients around the world can now receive files through text messaging and email with end-to-end encryption, without having to login or create passwords. BotDoc allows the client to take a picture from their smart phone (which turns it into a pdf) or they can upload a document from their Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive etc), which is then securely uploaded to banks platform (one-way encrypted upload).


It’s actually easier and provides another layer of security to BotDoc a banking client who is sitting right in front of you for a copy of their drivers license than it is for the banking rep to take the license, scan it or walk to the copier and then hand the license back to the consumer. No digital trail or sensitive information is left on the consumer’s mobile devise.

Carolina Hard Money is a commercial mortgage lender serving the needs of the real estate investor and small builder borrower who is striving to build wealth and generate income for themselves and their families.


Sometime, potential customers are reluctant to engage in any kind of new change or technology, yet they need assistance and BotDoc creates an easy way for them to engage without feeling pulled into a process they need to learn.


Exchanging documents and files is a daily ritual at Carolina Hard Money and with implementation of BotDoc, the process of sending and receiving secure documents is so simple and cost effective.


Ultimately BotDoc is much easier than faxing, therefore removing fax numbers off websites and replacing them with Botdoc links is becoming a normal practice for many.


Add a BotDoc URL to any email signature block as this allows easy access for any customer to send documents securely.


No more running around trying to find a fax, or wondering if your fax really made it to the end user or waiting for the customer to respond to the piece of mail you sent them days and weeks early!


Mortgage Lenders/Technology/Millennials. With the world becoming so digitally engrained and adjusting to the generation of millennials, or otherwise known as “digital natives” (group of persons raised in an era where the newest devices and latest social media sites were being introduced every other month), a creative approach to communicate was needed.
BotDoc technology, a digital platform catering to even Millennials, redefines document collection by making convenience and security synonymous. Customers, especially Millennials, can now interact with mortgage lenders securely using multiple mobile devices.


This industry must have mobile tools available not only because its cutting edge but it actually make a difference and this will trickle down to the consumer.


BotDoc technology is so powerful that it allows even the consumer who is standing 3 feet away from a mortgage rep to obtain documents from their Dropbox, Google Drive or Cloud account and securely send this data using their mobile device. Without BotDoc, a mortgage professional cannot accept sensitive documentation from a consumers Cloud account without security risks.


Be secure, be smart, BotDoc it!