On Sunday October 8, 2023 we deployed some new features.

CLICK on the picture below to view an interactive demo of these updates.

  • User to User “Direct Requests”.  You can now send requests (Pushes or Pulls) to a confirmed Botdoc user and that user will receive a notification directly inside their Botdoc dashboard that a file is either waiting to download or needs to be uploaded.
  • The Default Email notification template is getting a new look.  The email that a recipient receives when they get a Pull or Push request will now be more defined.
  • Users can now collect a Transcript of the P2 container. Chat history, features etc
  • Misc Bug fixes on the P1 Queue timeline view and SMTP configurations.

Note:  Features and updates are no longer supported by Internet Explorer

We appreciate your patience and understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at support@botdoc.io

Botdoc Team