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• All a sender needs is a smart phone or access to a computer. That covers 99% of the population.
• Less than 10% of the sending population has a fax…

• Auto notification when you receive a file securely and encrypted.
• View it realtime even while you are on the phone with the sender to tell them you got it.

• In some counties and industries the fax is relied on as the only legal tool for transmitting files.
• Secure, Encrypted time and date stamped on send and when file was received, without a fax number.

• Stop using a fax number for your clients, most don’t have a fax or a fax number.
• Stop using secure FTP’s and business portals, your clients don’t log into them anyway.
• BotDot is secure and encrypted transmission with only one party needing a BotDoc account.

Move over bacon, it’s the 21st century! Use BotDoc to send and receive files.



file requester enters a phone or email and a message, then hits SEND


file sender clicks on a link, selects a file and hits SEND


Requester gets file they asked for!
Dang thats Easy!

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What our clients say

“Our office displays greater proficiency and efficiency by implementing BotDoc as our tool to send and/or receive documents, securely and encrypted!”

– Watson Invested

Law Firms and Lawyers

“My job is about making sure the client has a successful and secure experience.  If you need to send it secure, BotDoc it.”

– Ignite PEO Services LLC

HR and PEO’s

“Our client’s top response is ‘Wow, that was really easy.’  I think that’s a pretty strong testament to how convenient BotDoc is!  You need BotDoc!”

– Kurt & Associates, PC

CPS’s and Accountants

“We want to give our clients a way to communicate and interact with ease without the pain of logging into another application or portal to collect or receive secure documents.”

– First Bank/Tommy Tynes

Mortgage Companies

“Consumers hate secure email, faxing, or logging into secure portals so you need BotDoc.  It’s the easiest consumer experience with end-to-end encryption.”

– Integrity Bank and Trust

Banks and Credit Unions

“When we found BotDoc, we knew they solved our problems. It’s the easiest consumer experience EVER, with end-to-end encryption.”

– Cloud Capital Management

Loan Servicers

“Very easy tool to use in-house but much easier for our customers”

– Polaris

Credit Counselors

About us

Reinventing and advancing technology in the secure movement of data between parties with the consumer experience as the purpose. Just because it has to be secure does not mean it has to be painful. Send documents encrypted via texting without an app. Easiest way to send and receive documents with end to end encryption.

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