How To Send Files Securely Using Botdoc

Apr 27, 2023

Gain a bird’s eye view of Botdoc and learn how to send files securely on our platform. 

Sending files securely is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Whether transferring sensitive customer information or confidential financial documents, organizations must ensure a seamless, secure data flow between parties. That’s where comes in.

What Is Botdoc?

Botdoc is a secure file transfer platform specifically designed for businesses to send large files quickly without the worry of hacker interception. We use cloud encryption to protect data as it moves between parties, and you can send or receive information through SMS text messaging or email. Currently, we offer two custom solutions to meet the needs of growing businesses in the finance, healthcare, automotive, education, and insurance spaces: Botdoc Now and Botdoc API.

Botdoc Now

Our Botdoc Now solution allows you to send and receive confidential information and documents to and from customers quickly. There is no account setup, no pins, no passwords, no logins, and no apps or software to download. We leverage the robust, scalable power of the cloud.

Botdoc API

Our most robust and scalable file-sharing solution, Botdoc API uses a secure digital transport API powered by the cloud to integrate with your systems seamlessly. It is fully functional right out of the box, always online 24/7, and automatically scales to meet your growing data demands. Our API is HIPAA compliant, FERPA compliant, and Privacy Shield Certified.

Using Botdoc for File Transfer

Our encrypted file-sharing platform is too easy to use. Once you or your customer selects the file you want to send, upload it to the encrypted file container and press submit. Botdoc supports all major file types, such as documents, images, videos and audio files.

Whether it be an image or video, end-to-end encryption uses TLS and AES256 encryption standards to secure the file before it leaves your device, ensuring that it remains virtually impenetrable during transit and only the intended recipient has access to the file.

The entire file transfer process takes just 15 minutes, which is a microscopic wedge of time compared to the potential loss and cost of a cybersecurity breach using unencrypted methods.

Botdoc’s Capabilities

There is very little that Botdoc cannot do. Have encrypted conversations, e-sign documents in a secure digital environment, set up custom URL messages, fully-customize team profiles, and so much more.

You can set an expiration date on the file so that it will be permanently deleted from our servers and cannot be accessed by anyone else once it expires. You can also track the progress of your file transfer, as well as receive notifications when it is delivered or viewed by the recipient.

Boost Your Team’s Productivity by 50% is an incredibly innovative way to send files securely and quickly without worrying about privacy or security issues. With our easy-to-use interface and customizable user experience, there’s a reason why 27,000+ users trust our platform.

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