Secure Your Dealership

Fix your IN-TRANSIT ENCRYPTION issue from the FTC Safeguards rule with Botdoc.

How are you going to encrypt everything between your customer and your dealership if all of your sales people are texting and emailing?

All of your sales staff use TEXT and unsecured EMAIL to do business today
– these are Violations starting Jun 9th, 2023.








Don't get fined - $46,571 per incident - use Botdoc

.Your sales staff will actually use it, and it’s easy for your customers.

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Why is “encryption In-transit” the biggest issue?


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The Bad News.

Auto dealerships don’t have a choice to “opt in” or “opt out.” The security standards are set, the deadline is June 9th, and dealerships are 100% responsible for compliance.


The good news.

Auto dealers don’t have to resort to a complex or cumbersome secure email solution to solve this issue. Botdoc offers a complete, end-to-end encrypted solution.

The best news.

Dealerships can be up and running with Botdoc’s encrypted solution in minutes. Your sales staff can still use the same devices they’re used to using to send and receive information without requiring the customer to use pins, passwords, logins, apps, or software to download.

Seamless security with Botdoc.

The car buying and service experience can be seamless – just as the buyer prefers. Everything can be securely delivered to a dealership, creating a secure and easy user experience from start to finish.  

Get your dealership compliant in just 10 minutes

In just minutes, your dealerships can set up Botdoc’s solution and receive driver’s licenses, bank account information, and more from customers without using pins, passwords, logins, accounts, apps, or software to download.

Your dealership can reduce operational friction and close more sales faster, with less human error than What’s App or other “secure” solutions.

How it Works

See how easy it is to send and receive files securely for your dealership with Botdoc.

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