Secure Data Transfer For Banking 

The fax machine took center stage for many financial institutions in the 1970s, offering an alternative to physically mailing or signing important or confidential documents. But now, over 50 years later, the fax machine causes problems of its own. Most businesses today opt for email or software portals to transmit information — but cybersecurity is extremely limited with email delivery, and customers often grow frustrated as they attempt to keep track of countless apps, passwords and PINs.

Secure data transfer for banking

Our system securely and quickly sends and receives files without any of those pesky apps or logins.

Imagine this: a banking customer can’t easily access a fax machine or a printer, and they can’t remember their login for their bank’s software system. The bank employee was trained to offer great service, not tech support, so they suggest an alternative solution that is either not secure or not simple – asking the customer to come to the branch location to solve their problem in person, or asking them to simply email an ID photo or account number. Both of these ideas have obvious flaws. Simply put, in order to offer customers a simple and secure experience, financial institutions must offer a better way to send data securely. Botdoc offers a solution that leads to better security and better customer service all in one.

Our platform was built to make banking better. Our system securely and quickly sends and receives files without any of those pesky apps or logins. Instead, Botdoc allows you to send files through text or email with end-to-end encryption. Banks are able to save money on tech and software while offering more secure – and less cumbersome – solutions to their customers.

If you want loans, opening bank accounts and other transactions to be as simple as they are in-person, schedule a call with our team today and learn how Botdoc can change your bank for the better.

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Closing Transactions Faster at First Midwest Bank

Prior to Botdoc, First Midwest Bank was using regular mail as a primary means of communication to customers. When COVID-19 happened, people didn’t visit the bank in person, and bank leaders were looking for a way to meet with clients and get information without compromising their security.