As all Auto dealers know, leasing, financing, or outright selling a vehicle requires a hefty amount of due diligence and a lot of paperwork that contains Consumer Personally Identifiable Information (PII). At a Dealership today, most of the necessary documents are sent digitally via text or email, on personal devices of sales staff or through CRMs. All of this traffic is NOT encrypted in transit today (including every major CRM in automotive) and are finable incidents per the FTC for every piece of PII sent via these means.


Here at Botdoc, we’ve engineered a better way.

The automotive industry is completely different than it was a few years ago. Today, the car buying experience almost always starts online. Buyers are beginning to prefer a digital process from start to finish. And auto dealers need to be able to provide them with exactly what they want to ensure good reviews, referrals and an overall smooth experience.

When a potential customer is ready to test drive and purchase, most dealers will request that they send several documents digitally. A dealership MUST set up new systems like a bank where the consumer must login to tools like secure email, download an app which all require account, PIN and password for a software system they’re unfamiliar with and unlikely to use again. This is NOT ideal for ease and simplicity of the car buying process.  This will lead to countless questions from the customer and a frustrating experience for both parties with new software and troubleshooting logins, and be a significant cultural change for adoption with sales staff.  Let’s be honest…99% of all customer communication is over unsecured text and email today and that will be hard to change.

Here at Botdoc, we’ve engineered a better way. With our software, you can utilize easy to use pieces of our software so your sales staff can still use their personal texting and email, ensure end to end encryption between them and their customer AND no pins, passwords, logins, apps or software to download for the customer.  The car buying and service experience can be seamless – just as the buyer prefers. Everything can be securely delivered to a dealership, creating a secure and easy user experience from start to finish.  Trusted by thousands of Banks, Lenders, Financial Advisors and Automotive dealerships across the US and Canada.

Botdoc = Easy Security.

And find out how Botdoc can transform your customer experience.