Botdoc Now Product Planned Maintenance

On Sunday July 2, 2023 at 2am MST there will be scheduled down time to perform upgrades to Botdoc.  We anticipate this planned outage will take approximately 1 hour to perform.

We’re adding some BIG features to Botdoc’s platform, which include:

  • P2 Conversations: Downloading documents – you can now visually see on the left conversations navigation toolbar and inside the conversations container how many documents are pending download via a download icon.  You can also verify how many times a document was downloaded and by what user inside the conversation details.
  • P2 Conversation Filter: You can now filter any conversation that still has documents needing to be Downloaded.  (Filter by: Download pending, Archived or Favorites)
  • Ability to pre-select a Queue in Team invites. A team admin can now invite the user, then pre-select the queues this user is assigned to. When the user creates their account, it will automatically assign the queue to this user vs you manually adding the user to the queue.
  • P2 Conversations: Unarchive a conversation automatically when and if a customer interacts or re-engages with an expired conversation.
  • P2 Conversations: Organization users now have the ability to see all Teams inside the P2 Conversations as well as set up remote users for all their teams.
  • When creating a Queue, we are now defaulting you as a user to that queue (so you don’t forget to add yourself to the queue)
  • Allow organization admins to assign a remote user to a conversations.  You have the option to change the remote user based on the fact that multiple salespersons shared this lead but ultimately belongs to one salesperson, or the customer could have come with a remote user via a general queue link vs automation link per the salesperson or the salesperson is terminated.
  • P1 Queues: Ability to view details of the Push and Pull timeline inside a Queue before you assign to a user or to yourself.

Note:  Features and updates are no longer supported by Internet Explorer

Affected Product/Service: Botdoc Interface

Expected Behavior:
Botdoc’s interface will be inaccessible during this scheduled maintenance.  Users Requests and Sends (inbound and outbound data/communications) will NOT be processed during this period.

Why we’re doing this:
Botdoc has received great feedback from its USERS therefore our team is expanding NEW features to our clients.  These new updates and features expand capabilities providing more advancements to our users regarding secure transport of data between two points.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at

Botdoc Team