Internal Productivity with Secure File Transfer

Nov 28, 2021

As the new year rapidly approaches, many companies are tackling the issue of internal productivity. Whether this will help you free up time to serve more clients or increase your cash flow, you don’t need to take drastic measures to boost productivity. In fact, there’s an easy and efficient way to do so: your file transfer system.

In this blog post, we’ll outline pesky issues that all too many companies across industries face before we dive into the straightforward solutions that the best file transfer systems provide.

Common Productivity Thieves

Almost every company needs to transfer files as part of their daily operations, yet almost every file transfer system fails to seamlessly integrate into these daily operations. Instead, they sap potential productivity gains in several ways.

Fax machines, printers, and scanners have shown themselves to be outdated, especially with so many organizations going remote due to the pandemic. No one has room for a hunk of plastic in their home “office.” Plus, maintaining and organizing paper copies of important documents is messy and time-consuming.

Organizations that have turned to digital file transfer solutions can still face many challenges. To meet all their file transfer requirements, many companies are choosing several different technologies. A company might have one solution to send files internally, another for sharing with their customers, and yet another for obtaining e-signatures.

However, multiple solutions equate to multiple productivity saps. A recent survey by Cornell University found that employees are wasting 59 minutes every day trying to find information hidden within different apps and tools in the workplace. 43% of respondents also reported that they spend too much time every day switching between different work software, with 45% saying the back-and-forth made them less productive. On top of that, technology adoption and customer satisfaction are very likely to plummet with the burden of most products requiring software downloads, portal logins, specific document formats, and more. Although these may seem like minor roadblocks, when repeated over and over again, day after day, they are actually major inefficiencies that can drag down your bottom line.

Multiple solutions also entail multiple potential security risks and strains on internal resources. Each vendor will have their own lengthy system implementations that somehow have to integrate with your existing processes. Furthermore, organizations need to ensure that each vendor is meeting all of the different data security compliance requirements and regulations.

Given all of these challenges, it’s easy to brood over whether a single file transfer solution even exists. But fear not—there are straightforward solutions to these issues.

Achieve More with the Right File Transfer Solution

An elegant and powerful file transfer system does so much more than transfer files.

Manual and hard copy transfers are outdated and impractical for today’s needs. With these antiquated methods, your data has to go through multiple checkpoints to get to the end-user, increasing the risk of a compliance violation. Botdoc’s API automatically moves data to the appropriate area within your system of record, limiting the touchpoints of data. Botdoc even automatically purges documents after a certain amount of time, decreasing the risk and time spent purging documents manually.

Your file transfer system should also never compromise ease of use for security. Botdoc is the first-ever remote and secure file transport service that works via text messaging and email with end-to-end encryption—no need to work from just one location. And unlike other file transfer systems, Botdoc allows you to dictate the type of transferred files, the number of files, and how large you want those files to be.

Our solution is always simple to use because the consumer experience is everything to us. With Botdoc, you don’t have to worry about low technology adoption because it’s an all-in-one solution. You’ll also close transactions at least 50% faster with no pins, no passwords, no logins, no accounts, no apps, and no software to download.

Let’s Get Started

To get started with Botdoc today, simply schedule a demo and we’ll discuss how the secure “FedEx” of data can help you better manage your bottom line. You can even deploy Botdoc now within just 15 minutes.