Hello API Developers,

On Sunday August 28, 2022 at 2:00am MST there will be a scheduled service update to Botdoc API.  We anticipate this planned update will take approximately 1 hr to perform.

Service updates to Botdoc’s API Developers platform, which include:

  • Added assets manager. Allow users to send images in order to use them as assets on their Custom CSS
  • Added a new Configuration where users can change the behavior of the Features when a Container completes. Currently, any Feature on a pending state is moved to a completed state once the Container itself completes. This configuration allows users to control the state change of the Feature(s) of all Containers in that Apikey, controlling if the Features should transition to a “complete” state or “expired” state.
  • Added a new Configuration where users can enable or disable HTML tag stripping from the Webhooks Payload data.
  • Added a “Download All” functionality to P2 Pushes and, PushPull Pushes. When enabled, a “download all” button will appear as the first item in the file list received by an user. This functionality will be disabled on the Push if the size of all files exceeds 30 Megabytes. In this case, the files on that Push must be downloaded individually.
  • Updated typos in Documentation
  • Updated Two Factor Authentication page on the Secure Session. We will now display to the user all of its TFA receiving methods on the same page. This will allow users to request the code again through the same page.
  • Added new CSS classes to Secure Session HTML elements, so users can select different buttons using CSS selectors according to the Feature(s) states of that Container.
  • Updated the file removal behavior on a Pull. Users were able to remove files only after its upload was complete. Now, users can cancel the upload of the files both on a P2 Pull and PushPull Pull.
  • Increased valid window of the TFA codes to 600 seconds. Each code sent on the TFA had a valid window of 180 seconds. This means, the user had to input the code in a maximum of 3 minutes, otherwise he/she would get a “wrong code” error. However, emails may delay according to different providers, this window was not large enough in a few scenarios. Now the TFA codes will be valid for approximately 10 minutes. After the first valid code is used, all previous codes sent (if the user sent more than one) are invalidated.
  • Updated accessibility elements on the Secure Session page
  • Adde new attributes to Acuant Feature to control the process mode of the IDs and, the authentication sensitivity of the validation
  • Create a new entity called “LifetimeMeta”. This entity relates directly with the Container and, it will hold custom metadata about the Container and its related Entities during its lifecycle. Check our API docs in order to see all data stored as LifetimeMeta.

Affected Product/Service: API Production Interface ONLY (Sandbox had this version as of August 21, 2022)

Expected Behavior:
Service updates/maintenance are normal deployments which won’t cause any impact to production or to the development tools. They happen with no impact to the functionality of the platform or customer applications.   However, although this is very rare, if for any reason there may be an interruption of the functionality of deployment workflows and tools, it will be resolved within our expected maintenance window.

Why we’re doing this:
Botdoc is expanding NEW features to our developers.  These new updates and features expand capabilities providing more advancements to our developers regarding secure transport of data between two points.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.  If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us on Slack at https://botdoc.io/slack/ or api@botdoc.io

Botdoc API Team