Botdoc Expands Global Reach with Canadian Patent

Nov 16, 2022

Fourth International Patent for Secure Digital Transport (SDT)

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — November 17, 2022 – Botdoc, a global leader in Secure Digital Transport (SDT) technologies, has announced the approval of their patent in Canada. This patent, originally filed in 2017, provides a simple and convenient means to send and receive encrypted data, allowing companies to exchange confidential information in and out of their system(s) without the use of logins, passwords, third-party portals, PINs, software and apps that frustrate customers.

“As our fourth international patent, we are gaining momentum as the global standard for sending and receiving data and documents in a way that is both simple and secure,” said Botdoc CEO Karl Falk. “With Botdoc, companies are reducing operational friction while improving their cyber security posture, closing more transactions faster, with less human error than any other secure solution on the market.”

Other international patents from Botdoc include those in Japan, Australia and the EU, and the United States patent was issued in 2020. Botdoc anticipates patent expansion in India, where the patent application has been filed.

About Botdoc

Botdoc helps thousands of organizations worldwide give customers a better experience with a simple, fast and secure way to exchange confidential information. With Botdoc’s globally-patented technology, companies can employ an encrypted channel with consumers to exchange documents, signatures, payments and other capabilities without the traditional challenges of passwords, apps, logins or plugins.

Botdoc offers two products. An institution of any size can utilize Botdoc NOW™ in less than 15 minutes. Botdoc API can be built into other platforms to transport documents and data in and out of that system without requiring a login to the system itself. The technology currently integrates with software like Salesforce and EPIC, providing a seamless customer journey for millions of end-users. For more information, visit


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