Disruption of Botdoc NOW product and API Service

Botdoc Status: 100%

At roughly 6PM Mountain time today (Friday 7 April 2023), Botdoc experienced what we believe to be a DDoS attack.  Our services were down from roughly 6:10PM MT to 6:25PM MT due to our own efforts to appropriately address the issue and solve it quickly.

Our environment scaled appropriately and we were notified.  Internal network measures were taken per our incident response plan.

At roughly 6:35PM MT everything was brought back online 100%.  Based one the sequencing of geographic servers some of our customers may have experienced downtime, others may not have.

As of this update, since 6:35PM MT there have been no anomalies, no degradation of service nor any other attempts of attacks.  This event has passed and we do not expect any more issues.

Our team is watching this and our services closely and will continue to do so over the coming weeks.

Botdoc Team