Dear Customer,

Just a kind reminder of the excitement of Botdoc’s rapid growth, expanded capabilities and recent release of the new version of Botdoc (Botdoc NOW)!

With these changes, Botdoc has some pricing updates that will effect current users when upgrading or adding additional licenses or you take advantage of our new P2 feature (Remotely and digitally transact ALL phases of business within ONE encrypted session; Push, Pull, Chat – real time with your customers and E-Sign). If you don’t want to add any users/license, that’s ok too as your pricing will not change. This increase helps us ensure our commitment to providing the very best products and services to you, our customer.

Someone from our sales team will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks, to arrange a quick call with you and your team so you know what is available to you and work with you for the best solution that fits your needs.

As always, we are committed to providing quality products and service to you and appreciate your business and continued support.

Botdoc Team