Starting August 4, 2021 forward, Botdoc API will start to employ Throttling to its API endpoints.

This behavior will be based on your current Authenticated Apikey set on the HTTP Request sent. This means, the number of HTTP Calls that can be performed to our API endpoints will be limited to:

     – Maximum Requests per second: 40 HTTP Calls per Apikey

     – Maximum Request per minute: 1000 HTTP Calls per Apikey

Any additional HTTP Call greater than those limits will return a 429 HTTP_STATUS for exceeding the numbers described above.

We advise our customers to employ a re-execution logic into their integrations. This means, when your integration reads a response HTTP_STATUS 429 for a given Apikey, it will re-execute that HTTP Call and any new HTTP Call it would perform only on the subsequent second.

If you have any questions regarding this behavior or would like know how your integration HTTP call/rate would look like, you can send an email to with your account email address and the list of Public IPs your integration uses.

Botdoc API Team